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At RedLeash, we offer you peace of mind knowing that your pets are comfortable and safe with one of our trusted professional sitters. In addition to helping maintain stability and consistency in the daily routine of your dogs and cats while you are away. 


By the hour:

This service has been designed for families who cannot or do not want to leave their dog alone at home. Whether you have to stay at work later than usual, out of town for the day, on a date or for a special event, RedLeash petsitters will offer your dog the best care during your absence.


A visit includes walks, feeding (if applies), play and affection.


60 minutes $25

(3hr minimum)


Our cat drop-in includes replenishing your cat's food and water, as well as cleaning their litter box. We also do a security check on your home, while interacting with your feline friend and giving them love and care.

20 minutes $20

*Taxes not included.

Cancellation Policy:

No refund for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice. 


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