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Dog Walking

At RedLeash Pet Services we know that exercise is the key to a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog. RedLeash treats your dog as family and through regular exercise, a busy social life and an abundance of love and positive reinforcement; we always bring home a happy and tired dog.
All walks encourage and practice proper doggy manners.
All RedLeash walkers are trusted, responsible and undergo 30 hours of training with a Certified Canine Specialist.


Group Walks 

RedLeash Group walks are designed for the social dogs. In order to maximize attention, safety and fun within the experience of every dog, group walks include a maximum of three dogs. All group walks include general training and are great for dog socialization. Regular exercise and playtime with dog and human friends makes for a very happy and well-balanced pup.

45 minutes  $23

60 minutes   $25


Private Walks

RedLeash Private walks are designed for dogs that prefer a one on one experience with their walker. They include general training as well as lots of love.

30 minutes   $26 

45 minutes   $30

60 minutes   $34

Targeted Training Walks

Targeted training walks help to work on dog confidence and specific behavioral issues. Through the combination of regular exercise and positive reinforcement training methods, your dogs unwanted behavior will be replaced with positive behavior and feelings.

45 minutes   $35

60 minutes   $40


Puppy Visits

RedLeash Puppy visits are designed for puppies to enjoy some company and fresh air, while taking care of doggy business.   

20 minutes   $24

*Taxes not included.

Cancellation Policy:

No refund for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice. 


Holiday & After hours fees apply. 


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